Photoshop Tips From Bert Monroy

TWiT.TV has been killing it with their new old show “The New ScreenSavers“. This past weeks episode was particularly good because Patrick Norton (an original Screensavers host) was Leo Laporte‘s co-host and Bert Monroy was the special guest to show off some PhotoShop tricks. The way Bert uses PhotoShop is like magic.

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Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 will be the next version from Microsoft. I’ve been using the Windows 10 preview for several months and I think it is great. I think that means a lot coming from a Linux user. My primary OS will still be my default but when I use Windows it is Windows 10. You to […]

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Chromecast, 1 Year Later

November of last year I purchase a Chromecast digital media player from Google. Almost¬†a year later what is my opinion of it? Right off I knew I would love this device. It had many of the channels I was using with my Roku, (Netflix, Hulu Plus, TWiT, etc.) plus it had YouTube which I wanted […]

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Chromebook, 2 Years Later

November 2012 I purchased a Samsung Chromebook. The first commercially available Chrome OS notebook computer. As a Google addict and a cloud user I knew there would be no¬†problem for me to use it as a second or maybe even a primary computer but what would be my reaction to the hardware? My first impression […]

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